NY5 CRCMS Committee Assignments (July 1, 2017—June 30, 2019):

BYLAWS: CMSA regularly reviews its Bylaws to ensure they are consistent with current policy and practice and comply legal and governmental requirements.  Bylaws are the rules and structure of how our organization works. *(NY5 CRCMS By-Laws printed copy included in appendix).

Ø   Committee Chair: Sherrie Catapano

Ø   Committee Member: OPEN

EDUCATION: Determine the educational needs of our members.  Identify educational programs to enhance the skills and knowledge base of our chapter members. Facilitate potential speakers and sponsors for membership meetings.  Secure continuing education credit approval for our programs.  Chapter yearly goal is to hold four to six events, between January to May, and then between September to November. 

Ø  Committee Co-Chair: Sherrie Catapano, Deb Repice.

Ø  Committee Members: Tenley Klouse

MEMBERSHIP: Recruiting and member retention to increase chapter membership, promote committee participation, and cultivation of leadership for open Officer and or our Board of Director positions.  Development of CMSA /chapter award recognition

Ø  Committee Co-Chairs: Tee Green and Katrina Natalie

Ø  Committee Members:  OPEN

PUBLIC POLICY: Provide updates regarding current national policy decisions and how these implications influence case management.  Keep membership informed of legislative initiatives at the national level to enhance our understanding about the implications legislative decisions have on our profession as well as the impact on the individuals we case manage.

Ø  Committee Co-Chair: Sherrie Catapano

Ø  Committee Members:  OPEN

COMMUNICATION: Oversee, update and maintain our Chapter Website and Facebook accounts.  Promote and communicate CMSA and NY-5 CRCMS activities, announcements and news to inform and empower members.  

Ø  Committee Co-Chairs: Dawn Cooke and Sherrie Catapano  

Ø  Committee Members:  OPEN

Bylaws Committee
Education Committee
Membership Committee
Public Policy Committee
Communications Committee