Welcome to The NY Capital Region Case Management Society

The New York Capital Region Case Management Society (NYCRCMS) is YOUR local CMSA chapter. NYCRCMS was formed in July 2011 by a dynamic group of people committed to case management as a profession to support the devoted case managers in the Capital Region. CMSA says local chapters are the building blocks of the association. Through our organized community events and activities we help support CMSA’s national initiatives by getting the word out to the public and local legislators that CMSA is committed to collaborating with health care organizations and associations to broad the knowledge and resources of its members and the industry.

We invite you to join CMSA and NYCRCMS (NY5).


March is Social Work Month, which recognizes the contributions of social workers in the United States.

As the only membership organization to serve case managers across the entire care continuum, CMSA is proud to have social work case manager members!

Social Workers: Generations Strong" is this year's Social Work Month theme.

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year; alongside that milestone,

this year's celebration recognizes the important work of social workers of every generation.

NYCRCMS would like to thank all of the Social Workers for their contributions and dedication to their patients and profession. 



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The CMSA Foundation strives to bring CMSA Members opportunities to enhance their career, create a voice, and receive well-deserved recognition.  We want to help you advance the profession.  2020 is quickly approaching and the deadlines for next year's grants, scholarships, and awards is near.  Take a moment to see which opportunities fit in with your career needs, and act now!  

Review the upcoming opportunities below, or download an overview.